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Stoupa ......


Stoupa is located 45 km away from the city of Kalamata (55km from the airport of Kalamata) and is a former fishing village that boasts some wonderful beaches to relax on. Whether you’re looking for adventure or want nothing more than to just sit back and soak up the warm, Greek sun, this charming resort has something for you. Everywhere you go you’ll be surrounded by natural beauty and rustic architecture, which gives Stoupa its traditional feel.

The picturesque sandy beaches, small rivers, caves, beautiful harbors and the hill with the castle are some of the reasons more and more tourists visit every year this magical place.

The village of Stoupa is equipped with a variety of restaurants, taverns and café bars around the area. Because of the astonishing beauty of this area many people tend to call it the fairy of Messinian Bay.


Stoupa belongs to the wider area of Mani, which is a place full of traditional fortified towers. These towers were made for the protection of the residents of Mani, who are known to be as one of the strongest and harshest people in the history of Greece. You can easily recognize these features from the moment you will come across the wild beauty of this area and the remaining traditional settlements.

In the most recent years, this little place became very popular because of the great Greek Author Nikos Kazantzakis. This is the place where Nikos Kazantzakis was inspired to write his famous novel “Zorbas the Greek” about his friend Alexis Zorbas. In 1917-1918 the two of them worked in the lignite mines of Prastova near the area. Today the mines are deserted however the entrance to the mines can be still seen from a hillside. After Zorbas death, Nikos Kazantzakis wrote his internationally known work “Zorbas the Greek”. Many Europeans arrive at this area holding this book which intrigued them so much to visit this little village. 

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The Mani - So much to see



The stretching beach of Stoupa is just a 3 minute walk and the lively Kalogria and hidden Halikoura just little further. If you have a car you will also be able to experience the peaceful, Delphina, Kalamatisi and Foneas and not forgetting Pantazi and Ritsa there is a beach to suit your any mood

Walks & Cycling

The beauty of the cycle path that lies between Stoupa and Agios Nikoloas is enough to leave you in wonderment. It is also a very popular route for an early morning or late afternoon walk. For the more experienced, the mountains that rise behind the village are the perfect adventure for hikers and cyclists alike.



Visitors to Stoupa are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining options. Stoupa beach front is linned with tavernas and snack bars. Don't forget to visit Kalogria and Halikoura to discover more options for your meal time. If you have a car there are also many choices in the neighboring villages.


The Sea

Stoupa isn't a place where you will find jet-skis and speed boat, life here is a little more on the laid back side.
Instead maybe hire a relaxing sub board or pedal boat. Or, if you're feeling a little more adventurous you could try snorkeling or diving in the crystal blue seas.

Diros Caves

About an hours drive from Stoupa you will discover the world famous caves of Diros. It is the beautiful and dramatic formations of stalactites and stalagmites, formed millions of years ago, when the sea, located just a few meters away, started to rise and formed the lake we see today

Ancient Messini

About half an hour from Kalamata (1 and a half hours from Stoupa) is the stunning site of Ancient Messini. Set on the hillside of Mount Ithomi, Ancient Messini is a stunning site where archaeologists are still making new discoveries on a regular basis. A must see if you like your history

Ancient Olympia

One of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece and the home of the very first Olympic games! When visiting the Peloponnese this world famous site is a must. Take your time in exploring the vast site and if you are feeling energetic you can run the very first Olympic track.

Ancient Mystras

Breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly well preserved is the site of Ancient Mystras. Overlooking the modern city of Sparta visiting Mystras is like taking a step back to a bygone era. Discover Byzantine churches and monasteries with the frescoes still intact; the site is picture perfect.